Sometimes, I write…

Sometimes I use big words from obscure parts of the dictionary to impress you.

Sometimes, I think I’m the next Hemingway.

Other times, I look down think “this is pure shit.”

But every once and a while, I think “yea, this will help someone.”

And if I can help at least one person live a little better, then I’ve done my job.



What Some Of The Influential Minds Of Our Time Have To Say About Passion

For sometime now, science’s proclaimed that passion isn’t what determines success, and in some respects, they’re right. There are a multitude of factors that influence the chances of success in one’s life.

But what science doesn’t understand is that passion is something that cannot be measured…

…it can only be witnessed


What Passion REALLY Is

What is PASSION?

See the problem is that people have a hard time finding their passion because they don’t really know what passion really is.

See, most people think that passion is an activity like cooking, teaching, telling jokes, or dancing.

But it’s what’s happening UNDERNEATH the surface when you do those things that’s the real passion. 


Looking For Your Passion? Ask Yourself This One Question

Passion is what gives life it’s purpose, it’s meaning. And I’m sure a lot of you have already tried things like personality tests, reading a bunch of books on the subject, and came out with nothing.

But I came across this one book, that had this question that I think might help you out.

And that question is this…