Looking For Your Passion? Ask Yourself this ONE Question

If you landed here then that means you’ve had it with cheesy Facebook personality quizzes that promise to tell you your life’s passion in 80 questions or less.

They lure you in with a picture of some a-hole sitting on top of a rented red Lamborghini with cash (that was probably rented too) with the headline:

“You can be like me if you find your passion. Take this super long test and find yours…”

You know it’s bullshit and roll your eyes, but click anyway.

You answer seemingly random questions like “Would you rather knit a sweater or organize and name your pet rocks?”

80 questions and 17 minutes later, you finish the test only to find that your passion is something weird like goat farming. (No offense to goat farmers - I love goat cheese).

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with these tests but the real problem is in thinking that you have to go through a long struggle in order to find your passion.

Sometimes, the process is as simple as asking yourself one question.

See, sometime ago, I came across this book about how to be a good speaker. In it, the author recommended that you talk about something that you’re passionate about.

For some, this is easy because they’ve known their passion all their lives.

For others, this is a little tough. They’re still finding their way, trying to see who they are and where they fit in the world.

For those in the latter, the author proposed asking yourself this one question:



What makes your heart sing?

I mean, really think about it. What makes your heart flutter? What’s the thing that makes your heart literally do backflips?

For you, it may be something like singing, dancing, or writing stories.

For others it may be building communities or teaching others.

Or maybe it’s something that doesn’t have a name yet but you can feel it. You can sense it calling to you, asking you to get lost in it.

Whatever that THING is that’s calling out to you, follow it because it will lead you to your passion.

“But what if I ask what makes my heart sing and come up with nothing?

Then take a look at the things you used to do when you were younger before the world told you that it’s not practical or that you won’t make any money at it.

Take a look at the things you used to do just for… (dare I say it)…FUN!


Whatever that thing was, revisit it again because even if that thing doesn’t turn out to be your passion, it’ll set you on your path to finding it.

And one more thing, don’t judge yourself when you’re going through this process. That critical voice in your head telling you that this is stupid is not yours. It belongs to the naysayers who are just salty because they aren’t living out their passion and can’t stand to see anyone living theirs.

So again I ask, “What makes your heart sing?”

And whatever answer your heart comes up with, chase that and see where that takes you.

I’m curious, let me know in the comments what makes YOUR heart sing ?

And by the way, I made this quick free video for anyone that’s stuck in trying find their passion. It’s a 4 minute video that will help you find your passion with just 3 questions. CLICK HERE to get it now.